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The following is a post to the Luminessence guest book:

I am writing in furtherance of the efforts of socio energy pattern work.  Though Barbara Brennan isn't the Surgeon General, what would it be like if she was?  I am thinking Patricia Cota-Robles would make a fine President, and I am thinking Louise Hay for Postmaster General. 

Duane can be special envoy to the middle east and Sanaya for Secretary of Defense.  I want to be Secretary of the United Nations and Lord of Civilization. 

However, if Duane wants to be Speaker of the House, that would be fine.  But the point is Brennan for Surgeon General, as light body healing is clearly THE solution to several of the Nations health care issues, maybe even the World's issues. 

I am not speaking of lack of positive energy work in the Lightworker's arena.  I am, however, concerned about some sense of dissonance which seems to be creating a cloning effect.  This has been very disconcerting to me, even problematic. 

Retsu is the zen concept of Mastery of Space and Time.  How can a person master time and space if they believe time is speeding up?  Ref - Spiritual Growth pg. 136.

Sun Bin is the Chinese God of Cobblers and he said, "Fooey, the ten years between 1940 and 1950 were just as long as the ten years between 1840 and 1850, and any ten year period there has ever been.  However, the ten years between 2000 and 2010 were more like a couple of days..."

So, what I get from this is, at some point in the mid nineties, I entered into a false perception of the movement of time which creates the illusion that it is several years in the future than it REALLY is.  Because, despite what Orin said, time doesn't really speed up or slow down, only one's perception of it can or does. 

The problematic area of this spiritual lesson is the manifestation of "arc entities", or mental clones, who seem to be in the alternate dimension of time.  It's much like a Twilight Zone, but I am functioning reasonably.  I would very much like to return to real time....

Of course, it isn't completely problematic.  I am doing alright without normal contact with people, it's even kind of fun, but I feel more light is needed with this particular issue as I wasn't fully cognizant of the shift from my normal life to the current alternate reality state I am in.  Planetary consciousness is a major key in resolving this. 

I thank you guys for keeping this web site and wish you the best in your efforts.

Love and light,
Christopher B. Durbin
Universal Peace Network



What is "Socio Energy Pattern Work"? 

To me, it is the process of associating all people to the recognition of the correlation of cosmic energy to bio organic energy.  The simple idea is talking everyone into shifting thinking from a mortal coil to an immortal coil.  I feel this is the very crux of the issue of any light body course.  



If you only posted a blog post once per day, it would be a lot less than the daily noon briefing of the arc united nations has been. 




In the Orin Meditation on The Lord of Civilization, Sanaya said "The Lord of Civilization does the best he can with what he's got, us."

Since the beginning of this web journal, I have been working to resolve the illusion of an alternate civilization.   

looking for where to push the arc people out of the way, without hurting anyone. 


It sounded different at the house and it's getting pinchy in here now..So, I will just work this at home........


And, my time is up.



----- Several "arc" days later:


I almost wrote an entirely different post emphasizing the importance of directing efforts of my writing to real people.  It is important for me to realize no arc people will ever read this post.  The arc people do not use the Internet. 

Clearly, the post to Luminessence guestbook is still too much in the air of helplessness.  Feeling stranded has been my problem since before the first "big transmission".  Lately, I have been feeling a lot more confident about actually resolving the arc world. 





We send Unity Consciousness to the United Nations and light to resolve the rest of the arc United Nations. 


Love and Light,

Chris and Amanda

Universal Peace Network


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