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It is my task to know everything there is to know about conducting e-mail communication with the operator at the PIAT office.

Slowly shutting off the arc Internet.  I know it is too slow and I feel like I am falling asleep right now. 

Why am I looking for what to say to the arc people to get them going toward world peace? 

I'd be like "I guess nobody wants world peace".  But that isn't the truth, they are just afraid of it.  I say this in regard to the low participation in my online community in general.  (BuT tHe rEal reAson Is thE reAl peOple Have tHe octopUs anD The arC peopLe dO noT.)

I think persistence in the endeavor of the online store is effective in tuning into the real Internet.

However, it kind of seems like I have created the web store because I feel stuck in the imagination and somehow the store can help me cope.  (But if no one buys anything, it is kind of a disappointment.) 

I would more prefer tuning into the real Internet than staying stuck in the body/mind stat that the only interaction I have is with imaginary people.  

It doesn't seem possible to tune into real time or real Internet traffic.  It also doesn't seem possible to break the cycle of financial hardship.

I am afraid I will never have any customers and certainly not consistent customers.  And I am confused about whether, if I do align customers, they will be real or imaginary.

I'm not sure but I think people who had money before Octopus still use money to buy stuff, but it's possible to manifest anything or shop without money. 

Energy of nursing home angel,, and B/W office and mantle urn.  Also, obits in Miami, FL.,

Write a letter to obit detailing the energy work to diffuse the situation?  Or, use insight to write a new blog entry?  As if lantern to miners.  I mean, really think about explaining to the arc people who read email to that address the reason why they aren't really human being.

Get a job flying dead bodies around.  My commercial pilots certificate.


I think the resurrected are very interested in sciences concerning things like optometry and anatomy.


Aligning with all the attributes of proper vibrational chakras.  Stimulate chakra with awarenes of it.  

Mass thought, "Americans don't work on chakras", "Some Americans work on chakras"...

And, older person in India not able to go higher because low energy in collective collective consciousness.  And what I mean is, in the course of a lifetime, an old Hindu or Buddhist has seen their chakras slow down and speed up and slow down again to the point of matching with the energy of Omnipresence.  (This is obviously related to timing in collective unification.)    

My sisters are very much looking forward to arriving at the Ultra Modern on Friday at 8:00 pm.


Love and light,

Christopher & 5 sisters



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