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Ottawa County Courthouse


As always with this web journal, the matter of considering real human readers and "arc readers" is imperative for the sake of proper alignment with the energy work being conducted.  This is like tuning a radio station and requires awareness of my own mental relationship with all that is.

The goal is to remove the false government from my mind and my computer.  How can I best use my time and energy?

I am afraid the pseudo government would take away my house if I don't pay them.  I am highly interested in removing them from my computer and my mind.    

What time is it at the US NAVAL OBSERVATORY, right now?      



An important key is the difference between the "free Internet" and the "scarcity based Internet".  Prior to the first transmission of the Universal Peace Network the Internet was more divided between the two.  What should it be as a result of the work we have done since?  

One of the most important difficulties I have had since the first transmission is not realizing the difference between the "free Internet" and the "scarcity based Internet".  I had on my mind more of a "bohemian Internet" instead of a "free Internet".  There was also a momentum in my mind of the potential for a "mass financially liberating Internet".  Of these, which would benefit humanity the most?

If the arc world were real, or if the Universal Peace Network hadn't happened, I think the Internet would be divided between idealism and "what is" fatalism.  There is actually more money in idealism.  I think there is also more to be gained in optimism than pessimism.  



What is the difference between magic and distortions which create false perceptions?  If the emotional body has the most to gain from reframing everything into the positive, distortions are related to the learning process.  

In the regard of seeking new information, deviation from established assumptions might seem like distortion when in fact it is actually the process of the light around a situation changing.  The arc sun is a lot smaller than the real sun and is not in the same physical location.  An attempt to distort the false sun is probably not the proper way to hone in on the light of the real sun.  

What is the latitude longitude relation of the hara line of my house with the sun, moon, and stars?  Is it different than the arc US NAVAL OBSERVATORY might imply?  What about the court house in Ottawa County Oklahoma?



Recently, we have been conducting "PTW's".  The purpose and conduct of PTW's is similar to those of the TIAW's.  The goal however is to decrease the frequency of paying property taxes to a false government to none.

The PTW is at 5:00 pm central, every day, until the relevant misaligned energy is properly and effectively aligned.

All assistance, spiritual, physical, and otherwise is sincerely appreciated.



Love and light, 

Christopher and Amanda

Universal Peace Network

What is "auto channeling with cybernetic energy?"





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