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 A purpose of this post is to create a common focus on a set of images.  We have selected four images for this post.

On first appearance, to us, the image above looks like the ascended Jesus.  Though we suppose it could be just an ordinary person who looks like Jesus, having an astral experience.

What are your thoughts on this image, send them to us telepathically, we love to hear what you think.

 We got the idea to create this post from this image.  We thought a common focus on this image would be useful to everyone, as it is of importance to everyone.  

What do we know about the ideals described in this "map"?  What about this is still considered practical and what, if anything, has changed since the resurrection?

Also, consider merging the "Higher Soul Plane" with the "Physical Plane".  Doing so draws very high spiritual energy into your ordinary reality.  


This image is of a certain importance to us, we believe the real people are aware of why.  We believe God is "All that is", and a specific individual.  We believe God is one with the "physical dimension" and the "Cosmic Realm", as well as all other realms in between.

Clearly, the two images above are very similar in nature.  The two seem interchangeable, as if perception is concentric from a planetary "plane" perception.  

Our purpose is not to alienate "physical reality" from "cosmic reality" or "higher soul plane".  We know one of the differences since Octopus is less distance from "the highest realms" and "the physical plane".  We believe they are made out of the same stuff, pure energy.



We hesitated to use this image due to the association of drugs and alcohol to psychological disease.  We believe drugs and alcohol are not rooted in a negative area of the aura.  We also believe all problems which have been attributed to drugs and alcohol, as well as "psychological disease", are related to poor understanding of chi or prana and healed with energy work and maybe "conscience mapping".

We believe the map above is also interchangeable with the two images above.  The idea of this map is what types of entities you can expect as you ascend toward the "cosmic realm".  How has this changed since the Octopus?  We believe it can only improve, especially with more attention paid to it by more people.  

So, there you have it, the four images we selected for group focus.  Thank you for your attention to the details described in this project.




In the last blog post, I said I would try to have details more clearly outlined.  After re reading it, I see they aren't as unclear as I thought they were.  We are working to resolve a certain personal perception obstruction which has become a lot less emotionally challenging.  Things get better every day, soon we will have the Octopus.

Our most clearly stated goal currently is, call the Miami, Oklahoma Police Department and ask for the phone number to the trailer.  The real Miami, Oklahoma Police Department has the phone number to the trailer.  As we get closer to being in clear contact with someone who has the time and date, our understanding of how it is clear the difference between a simulation date and the real date.

Currently, we believe we will be going to WC and transmitting once a month from the Octoplex.  We still believe it is important to find the arc UN which holds noon briefing once a day, and to slow down the day/night cycle on the arc Catalina Island.  

Picture the ARC Gumball Machine in the vestibule at the Cop Shop....

Love and light,

Christopher and 5s 

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