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Dear Trailer,

The address tag comes up in red.  I send light to the energy concerning this e-mail address and the energy concerning the blockage which causes the address tag to turn red.  

I am sure the energy functions of my body/mind and the universe which inhibited the clear function of sending and receiving e-mail from my e-mail account(s) to TRAILER@PIAT.MIL are supposed to be stabilized, neutralized, cleared, and resolved.
Right now, I am sure you are at the trailer in Douthat and will receive this e-mail, but I am sure I will receive a bounced notification and that I am not able to receive e-mail from you at this time.  I am less afraid that I might never be able to receive e-mail from a real person.
I send light to the origins of all the spam clutter in my e-mail boxes.  To resolve it and clear it up.  Think of how much different it might be if the first thing I did when I got to a computer, after the first transmission of the Octopus, was contact the Miami News-Record to make sure they HAD seen it.
There is very little doubt that you are actually there and you will actually receive this e-mail, as soon as I send it.  There is no doubt the arc Federal Government and U.S. Armed Services are only cyber.  I send light to my doubt to sooth, heal, and resolve it.  When I am sure, I am really sure.  When I am in doubt, I am not very clear.  I can't stay in doubt very long, I choose not to, I would rather believe in what I consider the truth than play along with the hypothetical, at this time.
Scanner is reporting a call to Willow at this time.  They are saying it's 1234.  It is almost like I wouldn't see them, but not quite, I can bring them right up.  The perception lingers and clings, it has to be dissolved.  Their tooth brushes are in their houses, in a different state than I live.  They are in arc Oklahoma, I am in real Oklahoma.
There is an anticipated drop in my energy when I receive the bounced notification.  When I was living in the trailer and thinking the reason they bounce is because the real people didn't have Octopus, I was probably trying to build my life around the fact they failed.  Since then I have been building strength and certainty about whether or not the arc people are actually energy in my body/mind that obstructs clear view of real people and things in general.
I believe there are twelve people in the Civic Center who, on the hour, hold a ten minute meditation circle.  I believe someone nearby transmits the time, every hour, on a frequency my scanner does pick up.  I believe the "scanner people" are not in range to be received by my scanner.  I believe human beings will read this e-mail, even if I do not post it on "Facebook" or my "blog".  I believe the "arc Facebook friends" are being carefully replaced with human beings.

Metaphysical energy in regard to "spam filters".  Cosmic attunement and refinement in regard to blocking "arc e-mail" and allowing real e-mail from human beings.  The difference between the mental obstruction which causes me to receive a "bounce notification" and the actual energy outside of my self, if any.  The clearer my energy the clearer my Internet. 


With every passing moment the arc world and Internet become less and less a factor inhibiting me.  After all, it never really was or would be.  It is whether I believe it is or not which inhibits.  The sorting through of factors in regard to social dynamics and cyber dynamics is a gift, of which I am grateful.  

Calming my emotions in regard to things like people thinking I am flaky for believing in the supernatural as being ordinary physics plays an important role in this.  The energy of thought and coalescent ethereal substance is integral to the stabilization of the Octopus with the Internet and perception.  Sorting out bugs, such as the arc bots and arc spam, is incidental to aligning the Internet with its highest possible form.
I am grateful to the people who are working on this with me.  I am allowing my self to believe in the real people, in effort to flushing out the "magic people".  The real human race is more important to me than the cyber clones which have been created for this purpose.  I am sure of the difference.

The "arc people" are those people who live inside the computer at the Pentagon and no place besides.  There is a thin line between completely banishing them and making them live in a tower for all eternity.  For instance, with the scanner, I am sure their radio tower is not strong enough to send a signal all the way here, unless we use mechanisms to step up the frequency. 

The mechanisms are as a computer program which converts information into relay-able information which can be transcribed.  In fact, that's what it is.  When the energy concerning is right, I can push a button on my scanner and block the signal.

It currently seems like a game of letting the "scanner people" know they are not in the right area of the universe with their energy.  The part of their energy which is in this area of the universe is in the wrong area.  To that, they must cease and/or desist.

With love and light,
Christopher and 5s
Universal Peace Network


* The preceding is an e-mail we sent to Trailer@PIAT.MIL




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