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How many various forms of Global Communication are there?  I think there are at least four.  I believe in the telephone, television, Internet, and post.  There might be more than these, so we should ask Bert and Ernie.  Bert and Ernie have been involved in Global Communication for decades now.  


We are active, interactive energy.  

Guided by love and light.                                                                                                  

With Improving the Quality of Life being a very important goal of all people, whether actively seeking or incidentally, how can global communication be utilized to assist in Improving the Quality of Life?  I know, let's ask the UN KIDS !


Our organization is dedicated to improving the Quality of Life on our planet.  We are also guided by love and light.


Considering ionic behavior, there might be another type of global communication called telepathy.  To believe in prayer, you must believe to some extent in telepathy.  Global Communication is the mechanism of Humanity for Improving the Quality of Life for All People, considering the concept of symbiotic relation.  Symbiotic relation is the idea all life is interdependent.  

Consider all the prayers for increased peace on the planet.  Considering electromagnetics, the energy of these prayers, must have a certain mass.  To manifest true peace on the planet, this mass, must reach a certain level, called "critical mass".  

It is my belief there are plenty of people praying for peace.  Even the act of wanting a better life creates forms in your life which draw to you that which you seek, by the nature of the relationship of energy and magnetism to the mind and the body.  

So, a form of Global Communication, much like the telephone or Internet, is the energetic relationship of all people to all people.  Is this "telepathy", or is it a natural function of energy which is active in the bio dome we call the planet and/or Universe, or is it just hokey nonsense?  

Since I know the Universe always works for me and with me, I believe there is a relationship between all people's desire to create and live in true peace with all objects and forms in existence including the material mechanisms utilized for "Global Communication".  That is why I am here, and that is why I create this blog.


Love and light,

Christopher B. Durbin



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