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Goals of the human race

What are the top goals of humanity?  

Is the top goal of the human race to eradicate disease?  Is the top goal of the human race to live in peace?  Is the top goal of the human race to stop dying and resurrect the dead?  Is the top goal of the human race to end hunger and poverty?  Is the top goal of the human race to create a clean and friendly environment?  Is the top goal of human race to determine if there are humans on other planets?  Is the top goal of the human race to figure out if there is a higher being or community of beings controlling their fate?  

I love humanity.  I am an idealist.  I trust the human race has already answered all the questions above,  in the true and real world.  However, I believe the maintenance of peace is like housekeeping and requires tending in order to keep everyone happy.  

I wrote in the previous blog post "We are in world peace, we are using our higher sense perception and energy control abilities to heal the areas which were not."  What are we doing to heal the areas which "were not [in world peace]"?  I know of one thing, we are using a model Internet and media simulation to represent the areas which would exist if those things were not accomplished.  We are tending to the simulated reality in order to clear patterns so they don't bother us later.  

Well, it seems my challenge is interacting with the people who live in the world which did not get the Octopus.  This means I have to clear up a certain amount of the energy of the simulated world in order to interact with the people who did get the Octopus relay sometime in the past.  So, to them, the Octopus relay was a mass media shift in which global unity was attained on the real planet Earth and every planet in the universe with human life.  We solved all those problems described in the first paragraph.

With all those questions answered and resolved to all humans living in the third dimension, what is the proper discourse for those people living in the "arc world"?  I wrote in the first entry to this journal "The world with 9/11 is healing.  We send it love and light."  Since it isn't even close to 2001 yet, in the real world, we have time to prevent 9/11 from happening.  What are we going to do to prevent 9/11 from happening?  How about a planetary focus on the top priorities of humanity?  

The "arc world" exists entirely inside a computer at the Pentagon.  The reason it exists there is because it can not exist in the third dimension.  We have world peace on the planets which do exist in the third dimension, whereas the planet Earth, where 9/11 already happened, is inside the computer at the Pentagon, it is called the D.C., as in designated computer.  

I also wrote in the first entry to this journal, "It is apparent creating peace in this world is a vital process."  The statement was in reference to the world in which the 9/11 disaster did occur.  The place now known as "ground zero" is a "third dimensional reference" to a large number of people who exist in this world (the arc world), it's technical location is of interest to the people who live in the third dimensional world.  How many churches or holy places are within a 10 mile radius of "ground zero"?  

Alright, to properly clean a planet?  How about known third dimensional references, such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal, the Eifel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Seattle's Space Needle, the Holy See, Mt. Everest, the Alamo, an Eskimo, etc.  Are any of these things not in world peace?  If the answer is yes, go through it again and again until they are.  There are numerous good reasons to think through the landmarks in the world, or earth plane, with a focus on elevating the energy surrounding these things, or even looking for where it is higher, instead of waiting for it to report bad news on the news.  

It is already world peace, ignore where it seems like it isn't.  

What are your highest priorities as an individual?  Perhaps you would like to take plumbing, lumber, and Nerf Footballs to third world countries instead of guns and bombs?  Perhaps it is something personal instead of something selfless, I am sure that is okay too.  Every individual has the right to put their self as their own highest priority, and that is probably best.  To me, selfless concerns are secondary but equally important, this is actually human nature. The needs of the self come before the needs of others, except in the case of parenting.  

There is no problem in the world that cannot be healed, resolved, and released.  

The image above might be a little hard to see but it is a chart which depicts major fields of human interest, I got the image from  (larger image there).  Things like agriculture, child psychology, thermodynamics, bioengineering, music, ecology, etc.  To me, it shows that a lot of people are working very hard to improve the human living condition by studying various aspects of human existence.  What would be the point in trying to figure out life, if not to improve life?

The previous blog post in this journal I wrote a little about bioengineering.  The idea generated more light to the use of bioengineering to improve the human living condition through replacing limbs and isolating disease.  What if we used energy manipulation to sustain human life indefinitely?  Should that be pursued or feared?  To succeed we would probably need God's permission, directly.   We would need to find God uses the authority to supercede previous direction, or prove to many what was thought to be God's direction was actually not.  

There are lots of people working on "creating light bodies", this is using energy manipulation to improve health of the body both psychologically and physically.  Form always follows thought, thought always follows form.  It is sort of the idea of Yin and Yang.  Yin and Yang are spiritual energies of the divine feminine and divine masculine.  A person with Yin and Yang properly balanced is very healthy.  So, the idea, if a persons energy is properly balanced the person is quite healthy.


For the next few inner plane meditations we send love, light, harmony, universal peace, and the essence of information on those fields of study working to improve the human condition.

Love and light,
Christopher B. Durbin
Universal Peace Network

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