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The purpose of this web journal is now, and has  always been, to assist in or allow communication with real people who use the web...Why was I so far away from it's intended purpose?  

I had to be sure the first transmission and my altered state perceptions surrounding the first transmission were real and honestly keyed into the bigger picture of true humanity.  In making myself sure it was sometimes necessary to stretch my mind and thought energy into the realm of the hypothetical tangent reality called "the arc world".  The exploration of the alternate reality is part of the equilibrium process.

So, as far as I think I might have gone from working on the goal of this web journal, it is all part of the process of accomplishing the goal(s) of this web journal.  The release of old programs requires some kind of tending.  Where do I want to go?  There isn't always a shackle or a bind but in this case I have seen the arc Internet and mental world as one so I have loved and hated it.  The arc world is more of a negative model of reality which worked against helps to see the better good in true reality more clearly.  

The easiest answer to the original question is, I don't know.  But the truth is, I do know... I thought maybe the arc people were actually real and I was trying to think of how to create the peace which was already manifest in true reality.  Refer to bringing the subconscious into the conscious.  After all, the arc world would be in the subconscious if it were not what I was seeing.  "Inner work" if you please.

All this also refers to the quiet master who cannot reach happiness unless everyone else is happy.  The wisdom in this is, a person is one with all, everything else, and everyone else, so if something is iniquitous somewhere it must be a reflection of inner conflict.  The potential mistake is in trying to correct the inner conflict by working on the outer problem.  Knowing this brings a person back to one with the self.

You cannot get work done sitting around thinking about it.

I am supposed to write in this web journal post about fixing the world whether or not the Universal Peace Network transmission from the trailer on, or about, November 11, 2002 happened or not.  As if I am reaching out to the outer extents of my self which are not in my mind but outside of it.  I sit centered with my self and am a radiant source of light for others.  I am a perfect example of inner completion.  I just wait for others to reach enlightenment too.  

I didn't even know it was broken and far from me was the need to fix it, but you know seventies people.  

The point is, after the first transmission I became quite interested in accomplishing the goals of the United Nations as if it were actually possible.  I was actually working on a feeling of being some kind of spiritual messenger but was quite reluctant with this "calling" because I had already created a certain belief or two about the world which made it seem impossible to change the whole world, some of which is the importance of self improvement.  However, I did sense there were those who held images of ideal humanity and felt ideal humanity was easily within reach, you know seventies people.

Oh, another reason I got so far away from this web journal's intended purpose is sense of timing between arc time and real.  Several things that would have transpired in hours seemed like they should have taken a few months, at least.  I reckon this is associated to the long term effect of things being fully realized in manifest reality.  The difference between dreams, reality, and a purely spiritual society.   

The arc between mind and matter and the people with no souls.  


Love and light,


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