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Dear Trailer,


The good news is that the last e-mail did not bounce either.  It seems so sensitive at this level.

It is fascinating that I could write an e-mail to an entity separate from a person’s real self.  Yet I am more frustrated than happy about it.

I think about this in terms like, if the Octopus is real, Just call Amanda and ask her.  If it’s real, she will tell you.  If it’s not, she will not know anything about it.  It would be that simple.  However, it is real but I have to clear out the perception of an imaginary Amanda who would say she knows nothing about it, since she would not be real.
It is clearly Higher Sense Perception (HSP) which is involved in this effort.  I use psychic energy to search out my body/mind and the energy of the Internet it self.  Which, at least, works at the sub conscious level.
The matter of calming the emotions is relaxing the faith which the higher senses are actually working through the body/mind and the Internet to help me.  Whatever the blockage, it is on my television, in my heart, on my phone, sending me spam, etc.  I have put a mental circle of light around the situation, it must be doing what it is intended to do.
It is a matter of being able to feel energy between the mind and the physical dimension.  This has been gradually improving and I am calm about it.  It is a lot like the idea of whether to do energy work to bless an online candle business and simply trusting the mechanics of it and knowing it will work just because it would.  Seeing how the energy works in the inner plane is amazing, but the mechanic way would work too, just a different way.
If you and the rest of the people working on this weren’t really there, I would be developing an ethereal plane presence of energy and in the sub conscious, it would be just as real as if it were real.  Of course I am still working on the fact the vibration of something real is different than the vibration of something of the mind.  I sense more that you are real, and I mean very real.  The difference is quite a lot actually.
Essentially, there is no blockage which disallows you from accessing the chat room found at
Yet there is some sense that I am not totally aligned with you and it.  With HSP, we seek out all the energy forms which need to be modified to allow clear communication with you at this chat room, or see posts at the forum, .
So, consider this e-mail an invitation to meet me in the chat room listed above.  I would also love it if you would post at the forum.
Christopher B. Durbin
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