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In all my efforts to clear my mind of my false perception of the Internet, a lot of concern has been on tuning into real time.  I have read a key to creating more time is to do only those things that create your highest purpose.  What does that mean?  I guess I never really asked, I have just always trusted everything I do is in alignment with my highest purpose.  Well, actually more than believing I might be wasting my time on pointless activity.

So, what can I do to create the feeling of having plenty of time, and consequently have the clear sense of being aware of the correct time of day in the central time zone of the United States?  Could the answer be "do only those things that create my highest good"?  I would think it were if I didn't believe I already do.  So, it must be something besides.  Am I polarizing with that specific statement, or pg. 139 Being Your Higher Self? 

I  believe the key, at this point, to tuning into real time is to think carefully about what it is.  I am also considering what's going on further from the planets surface, in incremental distances in perception therefrom.   Strange things afoot at the Circle K.  Still yet,  ordinary reality not being boring.  There is no such thing as "too much free time".  To live with a schedule or to live free spiritedly?  Somehow both for me, most likely.

The counter on this web journal is infused with ether.  It's time to operate.  I am sure the real Internet is outside of me and the arc Internet is inside of me.  When I started working on my journaling, at the Douthat house, I was sure the arc world was third dimensional, as well as the world which the Octopus was formed on the Internet.  See the difference in energy.  The arc Internet is related to the difference between perception of something and a slightly skewed perception of something, being the same thing only as interpolation. 

If I were to proclaim "I don't have the Internet, there's no such thing" and live by this statement, as if a matter of fact to me, would I hear a lot less about it on the television?  I think so.  The last known location of a  reference to "9/11" as something real was somewhere on  so, submit your tips to as to assist the energy effort to resolve alter reality travel and the safety thereof.  I posted on their Facebook page something like "Since there is no longer a Federal Government in the United States, who is in charge of Internet safety".  I thought it is the light of God which never fails, but it is more like the common sense of humanity.

I had thought of putting the DC in the FBI headquarters but decided on the Pentagon, over mission control in Houston, just to confuse the Kremlin.




The telephone in this image is exactly like my cell phone.  I don't know for sure if I will have to wait until they construct the cell phone tower over in Douthat, to receive cell phone service.  You know, so I can talk to real people on the phone.  I am obviously a master of telepathy, so who cares if it ever works.  Oh, I suppose I really need both telepathy and telephony.  Likewise, it is important to be able to call the people who live in my head, and pretend they live in an alternate dimension, or that I do and they are real. 

I am living in more light every day.  I am also increasingly comfortable.  It is likely a very sensitive level of tension which had blocked me out of the real telephone line(s).  It has actually been kind of fun divining the energy between my imagination and all outer reality.  Which reminds me of something I wrote down that applies to this, "what is the subtle difference between hallucination and etheric energy?"

Of course, I also wrote, "My mind works in perfect ways because the Universe works in perfect ways."  And, "My mind is one with the Universe."  I suppose then, any form of self improvement improves the entire Universe.  However, though, the Universe is already perfect so no need to toil extraneously.  Do I do only those things that create my higher purpose?  If I do, when would I ever have time not to?  Maybe there is a higher way to feel like I have plenty of time?


Love and light




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