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The energy of the world is changing.  It was said "the nature of time is changing", but I shouldn't have taken that so literally.  Sure, it is interesting to perceive time as non linear, but it will be nice to get back to clarity about what day it is really. 

We deal in terms of social organization interweaved with energy constructs.  We seek to improve the human experience by improving the quality of the energy of the people.  We improve the quality of the energy of all people by focusing on the collective social experience as energy. 

We have already initiated healing throughout the world and the universe by associating our minds and bodies to higher consciousness.  WE HAVE ENDED WORLD HUNGER, RAISED THE DEAD, AND WE ARE NOW TEACHING LIGHT BODY.  

Because of cyclic return, the "arc internet" will continue reflecting the fact world hunger is non existent, the dead have been resurrected, and mainstream consciousness is now universal consciousness.  The farther from the middle way, the more distorted things are, yet there is some order in the distortion. 

All this sounds a little like big talk.  I just want to use the darn email to contact the piat trailer.  For some reason, I think the big talk helps and is just the sort of momentum needed to clear away the energy I perceive as being an obstacle.  Who knows, maybe it is?  Well, perhaps so?

The more I work at it, the more I see I am making progress.  If they are really there, the energy which I perceive as obstructive will clear away.  I send light to it, and when I say light I mean, intuitive sense which feels the way to the path I seek. 

As the person I am, I am quite sure all I do is in alignment with the higher will of humanity and what ever is needed by the whole, on my part, is done.  I am dedicated to world service.  I, and my Universal Peace Network web pages, are in alignment with the higher will of humanity.

To create the space to interact with piat via email, IM, or in my chat room, is it necessary to move the cyber clones completely to the dc at the Pentagon, or does the "Octopus Internet" work better with a balance of interaction?  It would be a lot like separation of attention between friends who had seen a movie and friends who had not. 

However, I insist the arc people see noon only once a day man.  I am so sick and tired of day and night being so short.  I send me love and light for that, I think it's almost over.  If I can tune into real time, the arc people can too, just their tooth brushes are indeed in their homes, where their homes are, holmes.

What day, and at what time was the first transmission of the Octopus?  How many daily noon briefings of the real United Nations have there been?  Are these numbers the same for the arc world?  Is the real arc United Nations actually in the right year and time of day?  It is 2003 in more places on arc t.v. than 2015 and some talk about "9/11" like it was only a few days ago.  In an alternate dimension, anything is possible. 

I believe the actual year is 1995 and the light and energy of the associated perceptions of reality I have been experiencing  are clarified in essence. 

I had felt I was somewhere in between and with the Universal Peace Network.  Humanitarianism in the network age, the book, though I haven't read it, is a very small part of a social energy which is associated to the collective consciousness.  The whole idea of networking is optimizing effectiveness by pooling resources.  So, what does the Universal Peace Network have to offer and how is it associated to other humanitarian organizations? 

I think I am associated to every person in all existence.  I am sure all consciousness is connected and all people are one, whether aware of it or not.  The Universal Peace Network creates an energy network, the Universal Lightworker's Network, by which all people are assisted in elevating out of lower energy in which they might have been endangered.  The energy of the arc internet shows the quantity of lower energy still present in the universe.  Or, at least is how I perceive the work still remaining in the effort of elevating all human beings out of lower reality.  Refer to bounded entities in the image titled "Astral/Etheric Connections" in the previous post "Common Focus Images". 

In essence, considering my personal association to Bodhisvatta Consciousness, I feel something must change in order for me to leave this planet.  Probably email communication with piat, but in order to establish communication with them, I need to be more sure there is no human suffering on this planet, or any other.  So, I send light to the lightworkers establishing clarity, on the inner planes, planetary planes, or wherever  people are.  Should I be sure there is no human suffering in all the kingdom of heaven? 

All people are one and all people are safe, happy, and healthy.

Love and light


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