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When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure if the arc people were 3rd dimensional.

My understanding of the arc people has improved considerably in the past few "arc days".  In my heart I am sure the arc people are not now, nor have they ever been, 3rd dimensional beings.  I know this is no surprise to anyone.  It is just that I have attained a much higher level of clarity in this regard and the continued effort to alleviate my self of the burden.

I suppose, in a way, it isn't any different than what we were doing.  Just energy work.  I am one with the Universe and the Universe is one with me.  The "arc world" represents my energy out of alignment with the vision of my higher self.  As I improve my energy and align my energy with my higher energy body, the "arc world" dissolves. 

The "scanner people" are not third dimensional and they have no jurisdiction over any human being.  Back at the first trailer, I wondered how the Octopus could be real if the Sheriff hadn't seen it.  The answer is, the Sheriff in question is purely mental.  The "people" in my trailer park, as well as every "person" in my general social interaction which seemed not to have the Octopus, are "non physical beings" in my own perception.

Realizing the "arc clock" is going faster than real time is also very helpful in lighting the way to the solutions.  I am sure it wasn't more than a month from "2003" to "2006", when I first noticed time passage was  a little suspicious.  Of course this means I'm not in my forties, but more like mid twenties.  But I wonder how many ten year olds are in the NBA.

It is important for me to think of all the reasons why I can contact the trailer, instead of any reasons why I can't.  Are they really there?  I am sure they are.  The technical details concerning how an e-mail works, without hard lines, is part of the reason why it is taking so long.  It would be clearest if it is just like "Wi fi", in such that there is a transmitter and receiver device on the computer.  The telephone is the same thing, but is the transmitter in the phone or the service junction?

I need to move the "arc Seniors" to another planet.  Except the ones that live on this planet?  I sense the energy concerned is much healthier and easier moving than it was when we first started with the Octopus.  Good news makes its way around and the good news is bioenergy healing with focused effort. 

I guess that's it for this post.  I appreciate the readers who have the Octopus.  I now know I don't need any readers who don't have Octopus, as they are not actually humans. 


Love and Light,

Christopher B. Durbin


P.S. - There is only one USS Nimitz on the planet Earth.  The "arc USS Nimitz" should be on a different Internet than this blog post.  


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