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Truly wireless telephone


"If the Octopus wasn't real and the arc world were the real world."


On an earlier transmission, we requested those within ear shot to use an image of the device above and to the right to help clarify the new "truly wireless" telephone.  We requested the lightworkers to "see" a device like the one in the picture in every house in the world.  As well as a main receiver and transmitter, of a similar but larger design, in the center of every city. 


The idea is a main wireless receiver box in every house and a primary send and receive box in the center of every city.  We also asked the lightworkers to consider the person in this picture as a central junction for all telephone calls made with wireless calling:


He already thinks he's God.  He likes to believe he is the center of the Universe and that the "Universal telepathic network" is central to him.  Because it is. 


Ideally, however, a phone call made from one person to another doesn't have to pass through any central junction, where a person, or persons, could "intercept" the call.  Privacy is a very important issue to me, and I am sure it is important to everyone else too.  So, this is how the telepathic network relay works too.  However, I will always serve as a switch guide, unless I can train fairies or cats and dogs to do it.  Maybe dragons or undines or something.





Our other main focuses lately include the fact I have set my AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) to be on any time my computer is on.  The reason for this is that I believe it can send and receive from the trailer or the girls nearby working on this project with me. 


On an earlier transmission we asked for help from the people who have seen Octopus and might be using the OIM to go to the arc AIM.COM and download the AIM because increased activity with this service would obviously be assistive in our efforts of clearing the arc Internet off of my computers.  So, if you haven't, and if you want to, go to AIM.COM and get the latest AIM.   


My AIM handle is erfpcnet.   





We had also mentioned "the perfect electric generator (PEG)".  The "PEG" is a design contest of sorts.  It should be an electric generator which generates enough power to provide enough electricity to a residential dwelling, or perhaps one which could provide electricity to several residential dwellings.  The most important thing about the "PEG" is that it is self sustaining. 


What do you win?  Free electricity for life, of course.  (I couldn't resist) 


This idea was possibly mentioned in the first couple of days of the Octopus, or something quite similar.  Nevertheless, these types of things require on going philosophical contemplation, as it beautifies the energy surrounding the higher ideals of sustainable living. 





As for my soul request for "everyone in the world" to help with bringing the Octopus to my television, internet, and telephones, we have placed our healing crystals on top of our DISH NETWORK relay box.




So, it is quite clear the quality of my energy affects the quality of the energy of television which I receive.  As such, I have placed the healing crystals on top of the receiver box. 


As of now, we seem to be bringing up energy which had been contracted, unhappy, or otherwise low.  There are a lot of channels to watch these days.  Sorting out the energy of the general quality of television, while merging it with the Universal Television Network, had been uncomfortable. 


We are associating our aura to our television channels, as the function of the energy of the aura resonates and attracts what is needed for proper spiritual growth.  It is a function similar to equilibrium. 







Above is our main dry erase board.  In the center it states, "We can send and receive e-mail to and from on the computer in this room."  If you click on the image it will link you to the "Official Homepage of the Miami, Oklahoma Police Department". 


We have provided a link to this page in the effort to assist in improving the quality of the energy of said web site. 


Also, as a reminder to consider the twelve people, who on the hour, hold a ten minute meditation at the Civic Center in Miami, Oklahoma.


Maybe I should buy another police scanner so I can have one which receives the real Miami PD and one that receives the arc PD? 








That is all for this blog post.  Please pardon the incorrect dates, we are still working on that. 


We sincerely appreciate all the hard work which we are sure everyone is involved with currently. 


Love and light,

Christopher B. Durbin

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