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It had felt easier to believe the real people were who I should write blog posts directed to.  To the exclusion of believing anyone but the real people would be reading them.  However, it is still not clear at this time if the cyber dwelling arc people will continue reading posts on this blog.  

Please help me turn the above image into an image of the real Eifel Tower.  Let's ask Nicole to go to Paris and snap a current picture to replace this one.  We shall do energy work in the mean time, it should take her a couple of months to get over there.

We all know the "Arc Eifel Tower" is much smaller than the real Eifel Tower.  This much is certainly quite clear.  I am still grumpy about having my vision obstructed and am anxiously awaiting the "arc people" to clear out of my brain/mind, so I can do ordinary things like talk to someone on the telephone or eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Still yet, it does get clearer every "day".  

  If this was an actual image, instead of digital, the "Arc Eifel Tower" is smaller than this "Eifel Tower".                                      

I still think it's fun to see my visitor counter move.  At the first web site I created after the Octopus that was still new to me.  I was somewhat confused when thinking about how it would work considering all the traffic it must have been getting.  I was somewhat disappointed to realize the bot people were who causing it to move, only because it made me think the Octopus isn't real.  

Since my first "web counter" I have mulled over the issue of whether the Octopus is really real and whether the web traffic it is counting is actually "bot traffic".  I am 99% sure my counters count "arc people" only.  I am 99% sure the "people" in the top most image are "arc people".  I am 100% sure the "arc people" are not human but more like "cyber bots".  

Our top goal is still "call the cops".  It seems like an easily attained goal.  It is usually much more clear the arc noise on the scanner is reframing to be released, or properly contained.  Ask us why we don't just call "time and temperature". To clearly answer this question requires us to resolve the energy which seems to obstruct our being able to "call the cops".  If one is clear, the other one will be too.  




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