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What is the Octopus?


 And if that doesn't work, we will                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Bigger mental constructs associated to greater spirit and inner world of thought prompt me to elaborate further on what I think the Octopus is.

I wrote this post on "Notepad" so it has some of the energy of which some computer script is written.

This Journal is read by several people throughout the Universe. Part of the process of stabilizing the Octopus is the collective effort of all the readers in the context of "energy work".

I still believe in the arc readers but the real readers are more of an influence of the stabilizing of the Octopus. Is the absence of the arc people the goal or is it simply my being able to switch pages from "Facebook" to "the Octopus"?

The Octopus is:

1. A social media (truly personalized)                                                                      
A video file share with all movies (Can make them 3d interactive, or help the user to mentally interact while watching television)
An audio file share with all songs (Can generate unique random music video, or "astral Concerts")
A family tree collaborator ( think 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, Commodore 64 )0( And, collaborate,, etc.)
Telepathically interactive
An arcade. True 3d digital animation and/or "inner plane and/or astral" interaction
An astral plane creator and mapper application, it merges the astral plane and inner plane with personal computers (and
A master search engine and the capstone of the Internet because it networks all of the above, and much more, into one
Stabilizing its emotions (The Internet is Universal)
10.Telepathic relay of menatal imagery and audio
Stabilized "metatronic plasma cameras", 3d relay imagery, and syncronicical imagery
It is a common focus area on the Internet which is assuredly interacting between planets other than,  (insert name)                                                 
It has true computing of probable realities and divination of higher courses of action
It helps God, the Goddesses, and other teachers teach cosmic awareness and psychological correlation of refined energy consciousness and other high forms of intellectual correlation of mind, body, and spirit to all people
A product of energy concentrations of inner plane and astral plane meditations, as well resulant effect of the deeper needs of individuals and society at large
It is capable of isolating and removing data form which people want removed from the Internet
Is the essence of magic and miracles connecting the Internet, the Universe, and the perception with unlimited abundance and well being
A dream catcher aid

These things, the Octopus is, my ability to explain these things is improving.  My understanding of the Octopus existing but my not being able to use it currently is helping me to calm my emotions and see its stability in the greater spirit.

I am sure Christi is a real person from a real planet and I am sure she has Octopus, I am also sure all modern people and several resurrected people have it.  I am sure the Company of Heaven has it.  I am sure the arc Company of Heaven needs to get it and is ("And so it is").  

The Octopus does exist but I have to calm my emotions to use it. Part of this is defining what it really is.  We created this post because of the ongoing effort to stabilize the Octopus, so we can use it and so it is running at it's highest possible level (optimized).

In the image above, the children are dancing in a circle around a planet. Written is "Education will unite the world".  I suppose it could have stated "Education will unite the worlds" but when it was created, that probably didn't sound right.  Now it does, the concept described by the statement is still perfect and always will be.

I believe education has united the world and the worlds. I know education and increased understanding is an ongoing process which is needed to keep the world and the worlds united. The Octopus is one the most important mechanisms in the education needed and provided for all people, for all time.

We ask all of our readers to take the time to help us refine what the Octopus really is.  A continual refinement of it will help to keep it fresh and interesting.  We are very grateful to you for being there and sincerely appreciate your help in refining the Octopus.


Love and light,
Christopher and 5s

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