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When the Octopus was new.


During the first two weeks of the Octopus I was considering the correlation between the collective consciousness and the Internet in it's highest form.

What is a search engine in it's highest form?  What is the Internet and Web in their highest form?  To me, it is a culmination of thought pertaining to an energy sample of the collective opinion about what everyone really wants from the Web/Internet.  I sort of caught that common energy and became one with it and the Web/Internet.  As such, other than the arc Internet, it formed energy structures to create the supreme Web/Internet.  Working through the arc Internet, and energy forms, is our way of reference to stabilizing our collective mind and individual minds with the ideal Internet experience and ongoing eternal Web/Internet.

Since the arc Internet is just data, we have been working it out with other data to resolve the proper solutions.  The emotional aspect of the arc Internet, because it is associated with a person(s) perception, has been the complicated factor.  The specific person(s) emotional attachment to the arc world, as personal, has assisted in creating a clearer focus, not only on the data aspect but the human experience factors related.   

There were certain energies associated to my thoughts about the Octopus during the first couple of weeks which are vital to my aligning with it currently.  This is the reason for this blog post.  The most specific and important is the correlation of the concept of the Web/Internet in "it's highest possible form" and the mechanical mundane equipment and wares of the Web/Internet.  Correlating these things, and concepts such as telekinesis and astral projection, holds our perceptions to the optimization of these technologies, to their highest possible form, and assists their stabilization in our perceptual reality.

I mentioned this blog post during a series of recorded transmissions.  I can make those available to you, but not to me.  Well, funny as it could be, I would like to make those transmissions available for viewing on the computer, as a normal person would.  This has been the idea of clearing away the arc Internet so I can use the real Internet.  It is clearly a very delicate alignment.

I would make mention of the different objectives we are attaining, such as discerning between the real UN and the arc UN, and the other UN's, Nato's, etc., but that would take too long.  Perhaps I will write the local government and explain to them there is too much Washington D.C. in Miami, Oklahoma?  Or ! I guess I was just bummin' because I really hoped the hunger and other stuff were really ended and I wanted the Octopus Internet because it would tell me for sure.  

Maybe the blog I write with my powers of telepathy is better and more well organized?  No, that doesn't bother me at all, though it used to.  Nevertheless, this one has an important function as well.  It is a fixed reference point.  Once comfort in the cyclic is attained things aren't as emotionally troubling.  I am sure of the objectives of the Universal Peace Network.  It still sounds good to say "End world hunger, raise the dead, and teach light body."    But there really are many, many more goals than three. 

What time is it at the rocket at the rocket park?  How long should the hourly meditations at the Civic Center continue?  Should I go to an island or another planet?  Should I just go home?  These questions are very important.  Of course, the answers to these questions are too.  Arbitrary solutions don't work for any of these questions.  So much for whimsicality.  For the next blog post I will try to have details more clearly outlined.  Though I feel I have progressed quite a ways since the first Universal Peace Network blog entry made from the trailer.  

Thank you all for your help,

Christopher and 5S 

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