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Bioengineering and other incredible Nobel Peace Prize Ideals

For the coming Sunday morning meditation we send light and the essence of information to the inner plane meditators concerning Bioengineering.  It is our belief more light should be directed toward Bioengineering and it's potential for healing.  Of course, since most inner plane meditators on Sunday…

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The Language of Light

Shekinah is the Hebrew word for "the language of light".  But what is the language of light?  The English word Infinity is an example of a word of the language of light.  The word Shekinah is also a word which is a word of the language of light.  The language of light then is words commonly used in …

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Is peace possible?

Is world peace possible?  Yes.  A very crafty retort, is a world without peace possible?  If our intention is to create a peaceful world, we might answer no, a world without peace is not possible.  Alright, great, a world without peace is not possible.  Now, we need to get there.  Let's focus steadi…

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Objective oriented light working

What is objective oriented lightworking?  Objective oriented lightworking is the concept of fixing problems in the world by seeing the problems as energy.  If a problem is seen as energy its energy can be reorganized into its solution.
In the world, there are lots of people who maintain a very …

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Our first new blog post

We transmit once a month from the Octoplex.  We have to get there in order to make the affirmation fact.  We have to trust everything we do is leading up to the realization of our intention, which is to transmit once a month from the Octoplex.  This is easy to do.  

The world with 9/11 is healing…

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